Sunday, March 12, 2006

A Peaceful Afternoon

A cup of tea, a good movie and some yarn. Those are my requirements for today. After a full week of work and chores, I'm ready for some down time. Today I will be watching Jezebel with Bette Davis. I've seen this movie once before a long time ago. Yesterday at the video store, I saw it on the Classics shelf and decided it would be perfect for today. I'll be having peppermint tea (the closest I'll get to a mint julep) in honor of the movie's southern locale and working on one of four sock projects I have going right now.
I just finished a sock for my nephew Benjamin. This one will fit him for at least a month. The booties I knit for him when he was born only fit him the first week. He shall be known as BIG FOOT. I still need to knit the companion sock, but since the other one only took two days, I'm sure they will still fit when I'm done, I hope.
His big sister Kaylie asked for a pair of red socks, but I'm having trouble finding a good shade of red for a three-year old.
Nathaniel, their six-year old brother is easy to please. He wants blue socks, any shade. There's plenty of blue sock yarn out there.
I'm working on a sock-of-the-month project from my local yarn shop Frog Pond Knits. This month we are doing cables. The yarn I picked is gorgeous Claudia Hand Painted in Walk in the Woods. The picture doesn't do it justice. So, now it's time to knit.