Thursday, November 29, 2007

Starsky Struck

The picture above was taken earlier this year at Panera's during one of the Chick With Sticks meetups. I had only completed the back and one of the front panels at that time. I loved the way the Banana Tree cabling turned out and decided then and there that I needed to finish this project before fall had fully set in. I started knitting on my Starsky exclusively for the next month. By October 25th, I was done! I loved the way it turned out. Since our group didn't meet on Halloween, I wasn't able to Show and Tell until November. Here is Felted modeling the finished project:

This project was made from the Jordana Paige pattern "Starsky" on using Cascade 220 in Charcoal Heather and size 8 needles.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Scones and Skeins

Today I met with a few people from my Wednesday night knitting group for Scones and Skeins. This brainchild of my friend Cher is a get together (not on Wednesday) at one knitter's house to which you take scones and other baked goods along with your current knitting project(s). Maybe because it was just Thanksgiving or maybe because we think alike, most of the baked goods featured pumpkin. I took pumpkin cranberry scones. There was also pumpkin cream cheese muffins and pumpkin raisin bread. Things that weren't pumpkin- croissants with Nutella and asparagus frittata!

Right now I have 13 WIP's that I'm counting although only 4 are on needles. The other 9 are projects I started but have since frogged back to skeins. Projects I'm currently knitting are Tweedy Vest from Knit Scene, Mystery Stole 3, Monkey sock (2nd one!), Toe-up sock using Lombard Street lace pattern. The projects that are waiting are a moebius, a tie, a Clapotis, Meadow Flowers shawl, Andean Treasures Sampler vest, a Malabrigo sweater, a Whiskey vest, a project made from leftovers, and the original Homespun Pants.

Note to My Dear Readers: I've been trying to upload my knitting photos to Flickr to no avail. So when I see you later this week, don't give me grief about my Ravelry page.