Saturday, July 01, 2006

If you're HAPPY and you know it, CLAPOTIS

It is finished! I started the Clapotis from last summer and got about half way through when I found out that I had been twisting my stitches. I just started knitting last year, you see. The thought of frogging the whole project didn't appeal to me so I just put it away. I picked it up again about 3 weeks ago and after changing to a smaller needle size (twisted stitches are smaller and tighter) I decided no frogging would be necessary as no one will notice the second half is different when I'm wearing it. I used Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock in Tuscany and used size 6 needles (size 8 when I was twisting). So now I only have three UFO's (UnFinished Objects) I'm not working on. The homespun pants, which I will have to start over (because I was twisting stitches when I started them), my sister's afghan (she made the granny squares, I just have to hook them together), and a chenille poncho (I just can't find the pattern I was using for this one). The projects I have on needles and am working on are the After Bertha socks, and another pair of socks from the Vintage Socks book, and the Sock Monkey baby blanket from the Happy Hooker. I wasn't able to get a hold of any Bernat Denimstyle Rodeo Tan, so I had to change all the yarn called for in the pattern. I think it will be just fine.


Emma said...

Oooh, it looks really pretty. What a great accomplishment to finish it after all that time!

cher said...

Hooray, you finished!!! Woot Woot! It looks great.I can't wait to see the sock monkey stuff.