Sunday, May 13, 2007

Oh the Voices! (or Where Have all my Needles Gone)

I am posting because the voices in my head are insisting. (I am not usually prone to hearing voices in my head, but after weeks of badgering from my fellow Chicks, I'm starting to.) This is a picture of all the projects I have cast on. This includes WIP's and Orphans (worse than UFO's-UnFinished Objects, these are projects I didn't even remember starting!) but does not include PIW's (Projects-In-Waiting, for which all materials are gathered but nothing is cast on) or TaDa's (Behold the finished project). There are twenty projects pictured above, including one poncho, one tie, one pair of pants, one doll sweater, two me sweaters, two wristwarmes, three shawls, three scarves, five socks, and another clapotis (not quite a shawl, not quite a scarf). I shall post about these individually in the days (weeks?) to come.


Nikkij said...

Wow! 20 unfinished projects is an enormous number. That's what I love about crochet, if you stop, you can use you hook somewhere else with no problems. I don't even know how many abandoned projects I have because I never actually ever planned on going back to them. Are you going to set a goal to finish them in 2007?

Mycki said...

You bet I'm going to finish these projects. I just finished one that I will be posting about later today.