Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Bertha Socks

Okay, so these socks are really called After Bertha, but it sounds kind of yucky when you say it fast.

They are tube socks so no heel flap, no gusset, no measuring required! They were fairly easy to knit and they fit comfortably. I am planning on making a little kid version for Kaylie and Nathaniel, that way they can wear them as their feet grow. I've got the yarn, now I just need the time.

p.s. As you can tell, I'm posting quite a bit since yesterday. I'm trying to make up for the last two months! Yikes! What will I write about next?

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cher said...

I love all your recent posts, I must catch up, I must catch up! Luv your new profile photo too.Cute!